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Learn to Skateboard with Ocean Beach Surf and Skate

Ocean Beach Surf & Skate offers an instructional skateboarding program that provides lessons, camps and clinics to skateboarders of all skill levels, ages 6 to 16. Our comprehensive instruction includes fundamental skill development taught in a progressive sequence that helps beginners learn to skate and intermediate skaters learn to rip. Our lessons focus on balance and position, proper technique and mechanics as well as specific tips and tricks all taught by our staff of professional and experienced instructors.

In addition to our lessons we also offer special events and birthday parties at Robb Field Skate park. Students are taught a curriculum featuring the mastery of all basic tricks including ollies, kick flips and shove-its. We also specialize in training beginning skaters at learning to drop in. Our “Drop in Special” features a progression that will lead any student through the skills necessary to drop in on a mini ramp, half pipe or bowl. We also offer lessons to more experienced skaters who want to improve their skating to a competitive level. Our instructors are committed to each students’ success and devote individual attention to all participants. Our proven instruction method allows every student to build confidence and achieve their goals.

$75.00 for a 90 minute Lesson is offered daily- including an introduction to safe skating, fundamentals of skating and as many tricks as they want to learn. Call ahead to reserve your spot.

Our certified instructors use our proven skill progressive method so that kids can advance to the next level safely and within their level of comfort.

Safety equipment is available on a first-come first serve basis. Parents are encouraged to bring his or her own skateboard the student intends to use. Schedule your lesson today by calling (619) 225-2317.

Skate Camp

Skate sessions will be held at Robb Field Skateboard Park in Ocean Beach. For more information please contact Ocean Beach Surf and Skate. Call (619) 225-0674.