Eco-Adventure SUP Tours

Ask About Our Monthly Baja Adventures in 2018-2019. We are running adventure tours to 4 different locations in Northern Baja.

Join Baja Experience Tours on a one of a kind journey to the warm waters of Baja California.  Our all inclusive package includes everything you will need to enjoy the tranquil beauty of Bahia San Luis Gonzaga.  Your journey includes round trip transportation and delicious healthy meals,  as well as camping and adveture gear.  Kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, snorkling or just relaxing, sleep under beach front palapas under brilliant starry skies while gentle waves lap on the beach.

Baja Surf Adventures

Our Baja Experience Tours to Punta San Jacinto offer a unique, all-inclusive, surf travel experience to a private resort just 4 hours south of the border. Stay in deluxe rooms or camp in tents within the secure walls of a beachfront campground. Accommodations include hot showers, clean bathrooms, healthy, delicious meals and snacks, all transportation, and our comprehensive surf training programs.

Baja Surf Camp is located at Baja Surf Adventures, a privately owned resort located at Punta San Jacinto, Baja Mexico. Our camp provides extensive surf and ocean water training for all ages and abilities. A variety of nearby beaches, reefs, and points provide opportunities for surfers of all levels to be challenged and rewarded with great waves.

All instruction is provided by certified lifeguards and experienced professionals from Ocean Experience Surf School. Camp operates year-round serving customized programs for individuals, private groups, families, surf teams, corporations, organizations, and adventurous travelers of all ages.

All courses are optional and must be selected at time of registrations. Rates are based on group size and instructional content of overall program. For more information please contact us at or call us at 619-225-0674.

Ocean Experience also offers community service projects, beach clean-ups, group team building, video skill analysis, DVD of your trip, and exclusive product discounts at Ocean Beach Surf and Skate Shop.

Surfing: 21 Years of Operation!

There are ten first class breaks surrounding our Northern Baja Surf Resort. Directly in front of our resort we have an incredible right point break that can be ridden up to 600 yards. This right-hander breaks best on a South or a West North West swell. We have eight other un-crowded reef breaks within 7 miles of the resort that are all easily accessible depending on swell direction and size, which we constantly monitor by motorbike to assure plenty of great surf while you're here. Optional video and still-shots of your surfing is offered.

Spot No.1: Can handle triple overhead. Left hand reef break with power equivalent to some Hawaiian juice. 100 yards + ride.

Spot No.2: A-frame reef. Long rights and lefts. Breaks like Trestles on a southwest swell. Can handle larger surf. 100 yards +ride.

Spot No.3: Left hand break on a sand bottom. Breaks hollow with a lot of speed from the South West or North. 60 yards plus.

Spot No.4: Breaks 1/4 mile out, and is fickled. Needs a ten foot swell from West North West, or North North West. Right hander. 50-80 yards.

Spot No.5: 1/4 mile out with a ledge type reef that sucks out, barreling and fast. Needs a six foot swell to happen. 100-200 yards.

Spot No.6: Left hand point break, on a North swell, can hold overhead to triple overhead. Can also break on a significant south swell.

Spot No.7: Reef, mostly rights with a short left. Best in winter months, with west to North West.

Spot No.8: A Left wave breaking in a bay, can get 8 to 10 foot with South West best on North West. 50 – 100 yards. Fast breaking wave.

Spot No.9: Reef break, breaks best with South West swells. Can occasionally be crowded. 50-160 yard plus, right-hander.

Spot No.10: Sand reef, breaks best with any Northwest swell. 100 yards plus.

Other breaks by Boat: Depending on the size and direction of the swell. Waves on our Remote Boat Trips are not mentioned...